"I felt completely out of place. I dreamt of more. I wanted to explore. To find myself. I wanted to create a path that was all my own."

As a teenager in Kansas, all Brennen Clouse wanted to do was get out. The path was laid out before him. State school. A stable career path. Wife. Kids. But he knew there was more out there for him. He had his own yellow brick road to follow.

When an acceptance letter from Stanford arrived, Brennen took a big step in committing to his own unique path. He decided to head West. The rest is, as they say, history.

“No one else can tell you about your passion or your purpose. They live in their world, not yours.”

After moving to Seattle and spending several years as a relationship marketer at Microsoft, he’s now a real estate broker and motivational speaker who brings an unmatched commitment to his clients. He puts collaboration, trust, and community first. Nothing motivates Brennen like helping others achieve their goals with integrity.

Brennen brings his Midwestern values to every client interaction, with a refreshingly genuine, honest, and sincere work ethic. Whether he’s helping a family buy a home, coaching an individual through a personal challenge, or inspiring a company’s employees, Brennen believes in cultivating lasting relationships. He wants to see you through the finish line and beyond. He’s here to help you broker a life you love.

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